The Phils have put together impressive performances on Jackie Robinson Day while proudly wearing his number.

Jackie Robinson statue displayed for Jackie Robinson Day in 2011.

With the No. 42 proudly displayed on his back and his sleeve, Jimmy Rollins pulled into first base for his fourth hit of the Phillies’ game against the Houston Astros on April 23, 2007.

He began to take off his batting gloves as Astros first baseman, Lance Berkman, turned and told him, “I knew we couldn’t get you out tonight.”

Rollins laughed. Then he replied.

“Spirit of Jackie Robinson, dog.”

It’s a special feeling every April when teams across Major League Baseball honor the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier by wearing his retired number proudly. …

The five best seasons in Phillies history for a pitcher at the plate.

After a year of the designated hitter across Major League Baseball, pitchers are back at the plate in the National League for 2021.

In the Phillies’ second game of the season, Zack Wheeler reminded fans just how exciting that can be.

“I love hitting, I feel like it’s a part of the game,” Wheeler said after the win. “I take pride in it and any chance I get to help the team, I try.

“It’s all fun. What do we have to lose, right? You go up there, you’re going to be seeing a fastball, so just hit it.”

Students from Cheyney University and Lincoln University joined a panel of Phillies employees for a discussion on the Negro Leagues and diversity in Major League Baseball.

Rob Holiday (top left), Kenny Johnson (top right) and Jalen Green (bottom) on Thursday’s “The Legacy of Black Baseball in Philadelphia” webinar.

The Phillies hosted dozens of HBCU students on Thursday for an interactive webinar on the history and the future of African-American influence on baseball in Philadelphia.

“The Legacy of Black Baseball in Philadelphia” invited students at Cheyney University and Lincoln University, two HBCUs who regularly work with the Phillies. It aimed to dive into the history of Black influence on Philadelphia’s past while exploring its lasting impact today.

“You don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been,” said Phillies Manager of Community Engagement Kenny Johnson. …

Philadelphia Phillies

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