Partnering with Minding Your Mind, Phillies front office members talked openly with experts about mental health, mental performance and how to normalize their discussion.

Phillies front office on the April Strike Out The Stigma panel.

When Jordan Burnham of the mental health education group Minding Your Mind spoke to the Phillies front office at the end of April, he stressed the importance of making time for one’s self during this unusual period of working from home. He also demonstrated it in real time.

The panel discussion he took part in could not run too long. He had a schedule to keep. He checked his watch and looked up.

“Yes, right here,” Burnham said. “From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. today, I am scheduled to play video games.”

The lighthearted afternoon plan made the audience of…

Behind every MLB player is a guiding force who helped them get there.

Being a Major Leaguer means time spent away from family. While fans gather tonight to watch the Phillies cap off Mother’s Day against the Braves on national TV, the Phils will be on just day three of a 10-day road trip.

But even from afar, Phillies players want to make today special for the mothers in their lives. Here is what a few Phils shared about their moms.

Alec Bohm

Alec’s mother, Lisa Bohm, works with her son daily to make the world a better place. As the director of the Alec Bohm Foundation, she aims to “inspire philanthropy and create a…

Last year, Alec Bohm burst onto the scene and made an instant impact for the Phillies. But behind the scenes, he’s been making an impact far longer than that.

The importance of giving back has been ingrained in Alec ever since he can remember.

“I learned from a young age to help those less fortunate,” the third baseman said. “My parents and I were often involved in local church efforts. We helped others whenever we could.”

Dan, Alec and Lisa Bohm at Alec’s introductory press conference at Citizens Bank Park in 2018.

Drafted by the Phillies with the third overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft, Alec and his family felt called to create the Alec…

You’ll be shocked by the Phillies’ record on the Phanatic’s big day.

The Phillie Phanatic’s birthday is one of the best annual traditions in South Philly. It doesn’t happen on the same day every year (which is weird, we’ve been meaning to ask him about that) but it always makes for a great family day at the park.

It’s also, amazingly, tends to be a great day for the Phils on the field. The Phillies are 30–11 in games on the Phanatic’s birthday, dating back to his first celebration in 1979. While get set for another celebration this afternoon (and with fans this time!), …

The Phils have put together impressive performances on Jackie Robinson Day while proudly wearing his number.

Jackie Robinson statue displayed for Jackie Robinson Day in 2011.

With the No. 42 proudly displayed on his back and his sleeve, Jimmy Rollins pulled into first base for his fourth hit of the Phillies’ game against the Houston Astros on April 23, 2007.

He began to take off his batting gloves as Astros first baseman, Lance Berkman, turned and told him, “I knew we couldn’t get you out tonight.”

Rollins laughed. Then he replied.

“Spirit of Jackie Robinson, dog.”

It’s a special feeling every April when teams across Major League Baseball honor the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier by wearing his retired number proudly. …

The five best seasons in Phillies history for a pitcher at the plate.

After a year of the designated hitter across Major League Baseball, pitchers are back at the plate in the National League for 2021.

In the Phillies’ second game of the season, Zack Wheeler reminded fans just how exciting that can be.

“I love hitting, I feel like it’s a part of the game,” Wheeler said after the win. “I take pride in it and any chance I get to help the team, I try.

“It’s all fun. What do we have to lose, right? You go up there, you’re going to be seeing a fastball, so just hit it.”

Philadelphia Phillies

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